Jacks in a box.  Let's stop wasting plastic bags and make it easier for installers.

What's new!

EZ-plugs are not only easier to assemble, but also providing a better performance by keeping wires twisted towards the end.

HDMI keystone couplers, 180 degree female to female.  Available in white and black.

Our products are 100% RoHS.

TAA requires that the U.S. Government may acquire only “U.S. – made or designated country (Taiwan) end products.  Our products are all TAA compliant.

A better future

We care about the planet.  All packagings used for our products are recyclable.

We did our part, please do yours.

50+ years of manufacturing experience

why acton

Traceable RJ45 patch cords, providing an easier way to trouble shoot in data centers.

A non-soldering connection method, an oversized contact pin penetrates into the plated through hole of a PCB.  We have been producing contacts and connectors with press-fit terminations for over 15 years.