Over 40 years of manufacturing experience, we've designed and provided products all over the world in various fields.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in California, USA. Acton is a structured cabling manufacturer with factory locations in Taipei county Taiwan. With over two decades of manufacturing experiences and customers worldwide, we strive to be the most innovative providers of communication products in the telecommunication industry. If you can envision it, we can create it from the design stage to the initial prototype to final production and testing. Acton can manufacture quality products that meet our customers' requirements. Our products are designed to provide features and installation simplicity, resulting in cost effective, reliable solutions in any networking environment.


As part of our continuing commitment to quality, our manufacturer is registered as a company compliant with ISO 9001 standards. Our quality control procedures assures that Acton products have been inspected and tested to comply with stringent UL, FCC, TIA/EIA standards. 


As a world-class manufacturer, committed to excellence and innovation in the telecommunication industry, our R&D engineers are at the leading edge of today's rapid changing technology, continuing to develop new and exciting products to maximize performance to provide simplicity and reliability. Our focus is to provide the most cost competitive and standards compliant solutions without subsiding quality and service. This is apparent through many of our partners, distributors and OEM customers worldwide who we proudly continue to service throughout the years.


As a pioneer and innovator, we have merged to become a highly respected manufacturer in the industry. Acton reinvests in our equipments, toolings, and design developments as part of our enduring commitment to innovative and customer-driven solutions for the years to come.

30+ years of manufacturing experience