30+ years of manufacturing experience

Got an idea? We also specialize in both OEM & ODM services. We can follow or change to your own procedures or requirements to have the project done your way. Please see our standard OEM/ODM procedures below.

Stage 1: Planning
    1) Marketing Survey
        a) Requirements/needs of our customer
        b) Feedback from our sales team
    2) Product Position
        a) Target price & cost
    3) Discussion with customer

Stage 2: Spec
    1) Define Spec
        a) Materials and components
        b) Assembly methods/type
    2) Define Function
        a) Functional arrangement
        b) Assembly layout and cost estimation
    3) Spec Modification
        a) Customer feedback and sales team feedback
        b) Marketing and manufacturing team feedback
    4) Spec Freezing
        a) Set up target price, basic function, and basic dimension

Stage 3: Product Drawing
    1) Drawing
    2) Review Drawing
        a) Discussion with customer and R&D team
    3) Prototyping
        a) 3~7 days 
    4) Evaluating Sample
        a) Assembly and test
        b) Cost analysis
        c) Functional evaluation
    5) Drawing Freezing
        a) Final drawing approved by customer

Stage 4: Tooling Implement
    1) Tooling Drawing
        a) Approve by R&D team
    2) Tools
        a) 30~45 days
    3) Tooling Test
    4) Evaluate Sample
        a) Sample evaluation/approve by customer
    5) Revise Drawing
        a) Drawing approved by customer

Stage 5: Tooling Implement - 2
    1) Tooling Revision/Test
    2) Evaluate sample
    3) Texture
    4) Final test
    5) Evaluate sample again
    6) Pilot run

Stage 6: Tooling Implement - 3
    1) Pilot run sample
        a) Approve by customer

Stage 7: Mass Production